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Essential Clothing for Your Lapland Winter Stay in Rovaniemi

Updated: Jul 16

Traveling to Lapland in winter, especially to Rovaniemi, is a magical experience. To fully enjoy the beautiful Arctic landscapes and capture amazing photos, you need to be prepared for the extreme cold. Here’s a simple guide to help you dress right for your Lapland adventure, so you stay warm and comfortable while exploring this winter.

Tip #1 - Base Layers: The Foundation of Warmth

Your base layers are the first line of defense against the cold. Choose materials that wick moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and warm.

  • Thermal Tops and Bottoms: Opt for merino wool or synthetic materials. Merino wool is naturally insulating and odor-resistant, while synthetics are excellent for moisture wicking.

  • Avoid Cotton: Cotton retains moisture, which can make you feel colder. Stick to wool or synthetic options for optimal warmth.

Tip #2 - Insulating Layers: Retain the Heat

The middle layer provides insulation by trapping your body heat. Depending on the temperature and your activity level, you might need multiple insulating layers.

  • Fleece Jackets and Pants: Lightweight yet warm, fleece is a great option for insulation. It’s breathable and dries quickly if it gets wet.

  • Down or Synthetic Insulated Jackets: For extremely cold days, a down jacket provides excellent warmth without too much bulk. Synthetic insulated jackets are also a good choice as they retain heat even when damp.

Tip #3 - Outer Layers: Shield Against the Elements

The outer layer is your barrier against wind, snow, and rain. Look for gear that is both waterproof and windproof.

  • Waterproof and Windproof Jackets and Pants: Gore-Tex or similar materials are perfect for keeping you dry and blocking the wind.

  • Sealed Seams and Zippers: Ensure your outerwear has sealed seams and waterproof zippers to prevent water and wind from seeping in.

Tip #4 - Accessories: Essential Extras

Don’t overlook the importance of accessories. They play a vital role in keeping extremities warm and protected.

  • Hats: A warm, insulated hat that covers your ears is a must. Look for options with fleece lining for added warmth.

  • Gloves and Mittens: Layering is key here. Start with a thin, moisture-wicking liner glove and add an insulated, waterproof outer glove or mitten.

  • Neck Gaiters or Balaclavas: Protect your face and neck from the biting cold. Merino wool or fleece options work well.

  • Socks: Wool or synthetic socks are best. Avoid cotton socks as they can trap moisture and make your feet colder. Consider doubling up with a thin liner sock and a thicker outer sock.

Tip #5 - Footwear: Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry

  • Insulated, Waterproof Boots: Look for boots rated for sub-zero temperatures. Ensure they are waterproof and have good insulation.

  • Extra Feet Protection: Consider wearing thermal insoles or electric heated insoles for additional warmth during prolonged outdoor activities.

Tip #6 - Extra Tips for Northern Lighst Photography Enthusiasts

As a photographer, you’ll be spending extended periods outdoors, often standing still to get the perfect shot. Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind:

  • Hand and Foot Warmers: These small, disposable heat packs can be a lifesaver. Slip them into your gloves and boots for added warmth.

  • Camera Protection: Cold weather can affect your camera’s battery life. Carry spare batteries in an inner pocket to keep them warm. Use a weatherproof camera cover to protect your gear from snow and moisture.

  • Layering Strategy: Dress in multiple thin layers rather than a few thick ones. This allows for better temperature regulation and flexibility.


Preparing for a winter stay in Rovaniemi requires thoughtful consideration of your clothing choices. By layering effectively and choosing high-quality, insulating, and waterproof materials, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the Arctic chill. With the right gear, you can focus on capturing the beauty of Lapland and creating unforgettable memories.

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