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A Seasonal Guide for Every Traveler in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi, the heart of Lapland, offers a unique experience no matter the time of year.

Each season brings its own charm, transforming the Arctic landscape and offering distinct activities for visitors. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you explore Rovaniemi in every season, ensuring an unforgettable adventure with the top tour companies in the area.

Winter #1: December to February

Winter in Rovaniemi transforms the landscape into a magical snow-covered wonderland, perfect for unforgettable adventures.

Activities and Highlights:

  • Northern Lights Tours: Join a guided Northern Lights tour to witness the Aurora Borealis dancing across the sky.

  • Santa Claus Village: Visit the official hometown of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi. Meet Santa, send postcards from the Arctic Circle, and enjoy festive activities.

  • Husky and Reindeer Safaris: Experience the thrill of a husky sled ride or a peaceful reindeer sleigh ride through snowy forests.

  • Snowmobiling: Explore the wilderness on a snowmobile tour, perfect for adventure seekers.

Spring #2: March to May

As winter fades, Rovaniemi awakens with the beauty of spring. The snow begins to melt, and the days grow longer, offering a mix of winter and spring activities.

Activities and Highlights:

  • Ice Fishing: Try your hand at ice fishing on frozen lakes, a traditional Finnish pastime.

  • Cross-Country Skiing

  • Wildlife Watching: Spring is an excellent time to spot Arctic wildlife as they become more active.

Summer #3: June to August

Summer in Rovaniemi is a time of endless daylight, thanks to the Midnight Sun. The sun doesn’t set, providing more time to explore the Lapland.

Activities and Highlights:

  • Midnight Sun Tours: Experience the unique phenomenon of the Midnight Sun with guided tours and scenic viewpoints.

  • Hiking and Trekking: Explore the numerous hiking trails.

  • River Cruises: Enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Kemijoki River, taking in the stunning summer scenery.

  • Fishing and Boating: Take advantage of the abundant lakes and rivers for fishing and boating adventures.

Autumn #4: September to November

Autumn in Rovaniemi is a time of vibrant colors and crisp air. The forests are painted in shades of red, orange, and yellow, creating a picturesque backdrop for outdoor activities.

Activities and Highlights:

  • Aurora Hunting: As the nights grow darker, the Northern Lights return, offering spectacular displays.

  • Autumn Hiking: Enjoy the colorful foliage on hiking trails, perfect for photography enthusiasts.

  • Berry and Mushroom Picking: Experience the local tradition of foraging for wild berries and mushrooms.

  • Photography Tours: Capture the stunning autumn landscapes with guided photography tours.


No matter the season, Rovaniemi offers a wealth of activities and experiences that cater to all types of travelers. Whether you’re chasing the Northern Lights in winter, enjoying the Midnight Sun in summer, or exploring the vibrant colors of autumn, Arctic Photo Experience is ready to make your Arctic adventure unforgettable. Plan your visit today and discover the magic of Lapland in every season!

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